Sobre Caribe Fisheries

Caribe Fisheries fue establecido en 1989 por Dr. Michael McGee. Nuestro negocio principal es peces ornamentales para distribución mayorista en Puerto Rico y para exportacion. Hemos diversificado a producir peces para consumo como el Pangasius (Basa catfish) y Pacu. Pangasius son bien populares e importantes peces de consumo en Asia y han crecido en importancia como pez comercial mundialmente. Vietnam es el productor principal de de Basa, exportando mas de 1, 000,000 toneladas de filetes al año. Ademas Caribe Fisheries produce semillas de peces y camarones para la venta a otras fincas acuicolas. Continuamos trabajando con los gobiernos, universidades e individuos como consultores  para ayudar el desarrollo de la acuicultura en Puerto Rico, Centro y Sur América.

Dr. Michael V. McGee Garrett


I have extensive experience and training in the areas of aquaculture, aquatic ecology, water chemistry and fisheries science. For the past 18 years I have developed and operated successfully my own aquaculture-agriculture business Caribe Fisheries Inc, located in the Lajas Valley. Caribe Fisheries produces ornamental and food fish species, freshwater shrimp, aquatic plants, vegetables and herbs for sale in Puerto Rico. I am 51 years old, in good health and physical condition.


B.S. Biology (honors) 1975 St. Mary’s College of Maryland, St. Mary’s Maryland.
M.S .Ecology (honors) 1978 Graduate Program in Ecology, University of Tennessee,     Knoxville, Tennessee

Ph.D. Fisheries and Aquaculture (high honors) College of Agriculture, Auburn     University, Auburn Alabama


President Caribe Fisheries Inc. Lajas, PR 1990- present.
Designed, constructed and operate a 14 acre tropical aquaculture farm in the Valley of Lajas. Caribe Fisheries is longest successfully operating aquaculture farm in PR and is recognized as an industry leader. The farm produces over 600,000 ornamental fish a year among 40 different varieties. Food fish species and freshwater prawns are also raised for sale to consumers and other aquaculturists. In 2002 I accomplished for the first time in Puerto Rico the reproduction and rearing of important new food fish species for the local aquaculture industry. In 2004 I developed a unique integrated aquaculture-agriculture system for the combined production of fish and plants using recirculated water and drip irrigation.

Pond manager, Langostinos del Caribe 1985-1986 and 1988-1990
Responsible for water quality management and production on a 200 acre freshwater prawn farm in Puerto Rico. Developed a new stocking and production system for prawn culture which has been widely adapted in tropical areas as an optimized production strategy.

Assistant Professor Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 1986-1988.
Established the aquaculture extension program through the Cooperative Extension Service statewide. Authored a number of aquaculture extension publications. Designed an aquaculture demonstration farm in North Florida. Participated in curriculum development for the departmental aquaculture program.

Owner Aquatic Management Consulting 1983-1985 Frederick Maryland.
Consulting and management contracts with private industry, public agencies, pond owners and aquaculture operations. Provided information and technical assistance for pond and lake management. Developed and taught a course on aquatic resource management at Frederick Community College.


English and Spanish.

Professional Memberships

Honor Society of Agriculture Gamma Sigma Delta

World Aquaculture Society

Global Aquaculture Alliance

References and Publication list available upon request